There’s tons of things to do in Washington D.C. that aren’t museums or the White House, but we wanted to give you a day-trip itinerary to make sure you see all the highlights. D.C. is quite a fascinating city, given its historical significance to the United States and its current position in the world.

It’s also a bonus that all the famous museums are free and the closest thing Americans have to a castle is there. It’s possible to do a day trip with the five attractions we’ve selected here, but I highly recommend staying a few days to really experience the city. 

– Samiha

National Museum of Natural History

One of the most visited museums in the world; free admission

National Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in the US, home to giant pandas

The White House

Offical home and office of the President of the United States

Ben's Chilli Bowl

Restaurant loved by locals and visitors for its chili dogs

National Air & Space Museum

Interactive exhibits on US space and aviation history

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