Minimal Hues Faux Leather Luggage Tag

11.00 USD 9.00 USD

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We’ve all been there. You finally arrive at your destination after spending the last few hours cramped into a metal container with screaming babies. You see your luggage coming right towards you when—BAM!—some dude grabs it. You rush over and tell him it’s yours, but he refuses to believe you, because your luggage looks just like his. How will you prove that this unmarked luggage, with all your worldly possessions, is really yours without opening it? Gee, a simple yet elegant faux leather luggage tag with your identifying information would have really come in handy right now…

Measures 4.72in x 2.76in.

NOTE: This item likes to travel as much as you do. That’s why the average shipping and handling time for this item is up to 29 days. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.