Paris lives up to its brand of being a “romantic” city…Of course there’s all of the usual things to do, like going up the Eiffel Tower or seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. But there’s also plenty of lesser-known places to see, small cobblestone streets to get lost in, and fine foods to try. Being in love with someone while visiting—even if it’s yourself—is highly recommended.

– Samiha

Le Moulin Rouge

Cabaret house famous for the can-can dance


French delicacy of edible snails prepared with butter

Eiffel Tower

Iconic 19th century tower that has become a symbol of Paris

Louvre Museum

The world's larget art museum, where the Mona Lisa lives

Palace of Versailles

Ornate palace and former royal residence

Skip the lines at Eiffel Tower

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