I really enjoyed Mandalay. It’s a busy city, yet calm in comparison to Yangon. We spent a lot of time just walking around the city, especially all around the outside of Mandalay Palace. My personal highlight of our time in Mandalay was dining at the renowned Golden Duck restaurant.

Special (unsponsored) shoutout to Hotel G-Seven, the budget hotel we booked after several weeks of hostels only to be pleasantly surprised with a place that’s comparable to fancy international hotels.

– Hasin

Mandalay Palace

Once home to Burmese royalty, now an icon of Mandalay

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Buddhist stupa that holds the world's largest book

Mandalay Hill

The city's namesake; a pilgrimage site for Burmese buddhists

Hsinbyume Pagoda

Picturesque bright white pagoda by the Irrawaddy River

U Bein Bridge

Popular daytrip from Mandalay for stunning sunsets

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