Dhaka isn’t for everyone. Nothing sinister about it, it’s just not a place that’s been curated for tourism. As natives we do know a lot about the city, but as people who moved away as children we also return to experience the city as outsiders from time to time, learning more about our country and our own histories in the process. One thing we do in Dhaka every time? Eat plates of fuchka at New Market.

– Samiha

Lalbagh Fort

17th century Mughal fort complex, with royal tombs and artifacts

Museum of Independence

Exhibits recalling Bangladesh's 1971 fight for freedom


Typical street snack; fried ball with chickpea, potato, & tamarind juice

Ahsan Manzil

Castle-like former home of an elite family, now a history museum

Parliament House

Louis Kahn-designed national government complex

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