custom trip planning

For some people, planning a trip is as fun as the trip itself. For the rest of us, there’s the Burdie travel concierge team. You can always count on our team of Travel Wizards to do all the work and create travel itineraries that are as unique as you are.

What's included

Curated Experiences

Don’t have time to think about what to do on your trip? Our travel experts do. Let us find the best places to visit at your destination.

Custom Plan Map

For easy and quick navigation, all of our custom itineraries include a custom Google Map with your itinerary locations.

Tips to Get Around

Not sure how to say hello or thanks in the local language? Don’t worry—it’ll be written on your itinerary so you’re never left speechless.

Daily Trip Breakdown

Your custom itinerary provides a detailed day-by-day schedule of your trip that accounts for travel times, meals, and rest.

Request Your itinerary here

For just $9 USD, we offer the option to plan any trip, up to 7 days. Just tell us where you’re headed, for how long, and what you like to do. Within 48 hours we’ll send you a custom, highly personalized day-by-day itinerary that you can take along with you on your trip.

Simply fill out the form to purchase your custom travel itinerary. It’ll take only a few minutes, we promise.


Frequent Questions & Answers About Custom Itinerary Service

At the heart of our work lies our dedication to our clients. When you purchase an itinerary from us, we guarantee that a real person from our team will carefully review your preferences and curate your travel plans with love. 💝

To purchase your custom itinerary, simply fill out the form above. You will be asked to enter payment details at the end to complete the purchase.

A Burdie Travel Wizard will get back to you with your custom trip itinerary within 48 hours of payment.

If you need to change something on the itinerary request form, just contact us by Messenger or by email at Let us know the name and email address you used to submit the form and one of our team members can gladly help you update your form.

We use a combination of deep research, local knowledge, and your personal preferences to recommend attractions we believe you’ll enjoy.

We’re sorry your itinerary did not meet the high standards we strive to maintain here at Please send us an email with detailed feedback on what we should improve to We will gladly revise your itinerary free of charge.

Yes! To learn about creating custom itineraries for longer trips, contact us by email at

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