For a while after visiting Boston when I was 12, I swore I would move there. To me, it felt like New York, but smaller, cleaner, and more approachable. It seemed like the place where I could live out a glamorous city girl life and be happy. That is, until I got rejected from all the colleges in Boston.

These days, while I still listen to “Boston” by Augustana on repeat sometimes, I don’t idealize it anymore. Now it’s a city that I plan to visit to take a break from NYC and enjoy its many cultural offerings.

– Samiha

Museum of Fine Arts

Popular museum with over 450,000 works from around the world

Gardner Museum

European, Asian, American art and beautiful gardens

New England Aquarium

Renowned aquarium, home to marine life from around the world

Tea Party Museum

Learn about the Boston Tea Party, an important historical event—on a ship

Fenway Park

Baseball park that is home to the Boston Red Sox

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