Barranquilla is definitely most famous for its colorful Carnaval celebrations. But while you’re in town for the party, why not check out some of the year-round sights of the city? Personally, I would love to venture out and take the train in Bocas de Ceniza, the stunning point where the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean Sea. Overall, while Barranquilla isn’t the first place people think of when thinking about Colombia, it definitely seems worth a visit if you have time. 

– Samiha

Castillo de Salgar

Remains of a waterfront castle; perfect place to watch sunsets

Queen Mary Cathedral

Popular modernist church in the city center


Colorful parade and one of the main attractions of the city

Bocas de Ceniza

Scenic point where Magdalena River meets Caribbean Sea

Museo del Caribe

Museum showcasing the history of Colombia's Caribbean coast

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