Located within the Himalayan mountains, Auli is technically not a city. But it is one of India’s main destinations for snow and skiing. As the host of one of the highest mountains in all of India, Auli also has a lot of amazing views in addition to all the things you can do for adventurous fun. I’ve never been interested in cold places, but seeing Auli makes me want to give snow (and sports) a chance.

– Hasin

Trishul Peak

Group of peaks on the Himalayan mountains

Valley of Flowers Park

Meadow covered in colorful, picturesque flowers and plants

Auli Ski & Snowboard School

Become a pro in snow sports with lessons from great teachers

Gurson Bugyal

Trek from Auli to this nearby field of whimsical green pastures

Nanda Devi Peak

Park for trekking and hiking; a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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