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…Burdie is a philosophy, a state of mind. Burdie represents freedom, migration, and perseverance. Burdie is about taking chances and spreading your wings, about thinking a little bit less and doing a lot more. Burdie is about trusting your ability to find happiness no matter where you are. 

As lifelong travelers, we’ve always been on the risk-taking, free-spirited side. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have days when we’re feeling lazy and uninspired. Or anxious. Or jaded and hopeless, as if nothing in the whole damn world could possibly excite us, move us. Of course, it’s okay to feel this way sometimes, but when you’re on the road there are so many ways to pull yourself out of it. The point of travel is to see the world, to experience the good, the bad, and the ordinary. The point is to see it all for yourself, to allow yourself to be take part in it.