Before we were anything else, we were travelers.

Nomads, navigators, curious wanderers.

We are lucky to have parents who took us places in reality and imagination; our dad was a cockpit crew for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, our mom a literature professor with a free spirit. They gave us something that can’t be learned anywhere: a love of the world and everyone in it.

School holidays meant accompanying our dad on his flights throughout Asia and Europe. We learned history by visiting museums in Rome, biology from wildlife reserves in Singapore.

In 2005, we immigrated to the United States in pursuit of better educational opportunities. We were 8 and 13. The blow of being uprooted and replanted was softened by the appreciation we had been developing for new places, new experiences. As far as we were concerned, moving across the world was just us going to another destination. Not the first, not the last.

We believe in spontaneity. We thrive in the unknown. Pick a place, buy a ticket, book one night, GO. Don’t think so much.

That’s why Burdie presents you only the most essential information about your destination in one place.

Go find out the rest for yourself.

Hasin & Samiha
Co-founders, Burdie

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